Social Stereotypes Of Masculinity

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1. When looking at the social construct that is masculinity, the social pressure men face to be the perfect specimen is intense within their gender pool – going off the ideas that men are independent, self-reliant, strong and tough; for example, little boys being told that men don’t cry which puts them on a path of trying to hide that kind of emotion for the rest of their life from a society that has decided crying was a woman’s sport. With such specified gender roles and constructs, when looking at those that pertain to women and girls such as dependent, subordinate, meek, and fragile, no wonder the stereotypes of what a man and what a woman should be are what they are. Looking back at social construction, men and boys are victims of societies stereotypes just as much as women and girls for each behave in ways dictated as appropriate forms of masculinity and femininity by their culture. But look specifically at men and boys, being the supposed higher gender, they have a more active role in determining and constructing/deconstructing what is and should be accepted as masculine. All in all, how society views men always places them as the stronger sex.

2. Exploring the social construct that is femininity, the first question that arises in my mind is
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Looking deeper into that, sexuality is the way you feel and behave, how you interact with people of the same and opposite sex, how you feel about yourself as a person, and even how the world sees you. It is seen in our daily routines and our responses – a gay male will not view HIV/AIDS the same way a straight white male would. There comes the idea of power in the eyes of a society stemming from the

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