Social Status : A Political Landscape With A Dramatic High Pressure Environment

1790 Words Dec 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Consequently, social status almost directly correlates with political identity, which in this day is a primary source of the characteristics that define humans. Our culture has viewed political identities as one of the defining characteristics of an individual 's Identity. How an individual carries themselves or acts in public is very different from the ways and individuals will act around close friends or family. Ultimately there interactions with others bring out the more reserved characteristics that an individual would like to be remembered by. An individual will act more professional and will be more mindful of his interactions. Many elected politicians and leaders within our society highlight these characteristics and are often seen as fake or unreal because of their rehearsed interactions. Recently I have been watching a TV show called House of Cards. Within this show lies a political landscape with a dramatic high pressure environment. Main character Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacy, represents the full mentality of a political figure. As a young boy he grew up poor and underprivileged, however, he did not let his circumstances determine his future. Ultimately he forged his own path by choosing to push passed his obstacles and became president of the United States. Although, this is only a television series it is an excellent example of what individuals can accomplish if they put their mind to it. Along the way, however, his political identity would be tested…

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