Essay Social Services And A Social Service

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The purpose of having social services is to protect others when in need of extra help. The true definition of a social service is government services provided for the benefit of the community, such as education, medical care, and housing. However, social services are mostly aimed for the welfare of helpless children who need a new home for a certain amount of time until the parent is able to take custody again. Sadly, social services are not doing their jobs correctly; plenty of children are abused or even killed under the supervision of social service. What is the point of having social services if the children who got out of a horrible home to entire another abusive home? In most cases, foster parents do not really pay attention to the child, they only take in the kid to only get a check from the government, such as in Jersey City, and the government pays foster parents about $900.00 per child each month.
Children at all ages look for help from adults when things are going wrong at home. Trae-Bleu Layne was Three years old when she died from an overdose of methadone that was supplied by her mother. Just three weeks before Trae-Bleu died, social services were close from taking her away from her mother. As Laura Donnelly, a health correspondent writes that the social service had a meeting upon Trae-Bleu’s case to discuss that Trae-Bleu’s mother should have another chance. Meanwhile, just before Trae-Bleu’s mother gave birth to her, she moved from London to Ireland. While…

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