Social Responsibility Task 1 Essay example

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Amy Heimbecher
Social Responsibility
Task 1
June 3, 2014
Social Responsibility Strategy Report

Radharani Yoga Sanctuary (RYS) is a brand-new, small business located in Portland, OR. Currently, the company has start up funding, is looking for a storefront and plans to open its doors within the next 6 months. RYS would like to offer the community yoga classes, meditation sessions, dance classes, community events, workshops, Yoga Teacher trainings, and socially responsible retail.

The main business objective in opening the studio, is to maintain and run the studio based on yogic principles, while bringing in a profit. Living in harmony with self, community, and the planet is at the core of these principles.
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The manager will hold open houses and publicity events. They are in charge of newsletters informing the public of the studio's latest offerings, news, and inspirations. The manager runs popular social media sights, to keep public updated in real-time. The manager also conducts promotions, like raffles, giveaways and regular student rewards.

RYS would like to foster strong ties with the community. Lawrence describes the term “civic engagement” as ,”the active involvement of businesses and individuals in changing and improving communities. Civic means pertaining to cities or communities, and engagement means being committed to or involved with something.” (p. 414) By following an high standard of civic engagement, RYS can have a business advantage by fostering a favorable reputation within the community it serves, which leads to more customers visiting the studio. The other advantage to civic engagement is that RYS will be able to foresee market demands and trends in the yoga world. The studio can then act accordingly, and make changes when appropriate. A business is more likely to be a success if it can respond to the needs of its stakeholders in a constructive way. One way RYS plan to engage in civic engagement, is by making yoga classes accessible to a broader population. They plan to offer regular ''community' classes at a discounted price, so students on a tight budget can still attend classes. The studio will offer a work-trade program also. For hours worked

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