Summary: Effects Of News Media

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Effects of News Media
Slavi Iordanoff
Allyson Wells

Effects of News Media
People look to various news media outlets for sources of information. Some sources are more reliable than others but how can you know which sources are credible and which ones are not? What kind of affect does the media have on American culture? Do people think that the media should be responsible with the information that they present? The media has become a staple in our society for delivering the latest news to the people. The media has shaped culture all around the world and especially in the USA but has it had a good affect?
Social Responsibility of the Media
I believe that the information media has a responsibility to the people to deliver
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Everything from TV to Social Media to the Internet had a role to play in shaping the people’s opinions of the candidates. I watched how Donald Trump used Social Media to his advantage. He is very good a t dropping nuggets of information for people to rally around. He used slogans like “Make America Great Again” or “Build a Wall” to rally his supporters. He was also able to slander all his opponents through all the media outlets. He was strategic in taking out his Republican opponents on camera during debates. Everyone wanted to hear what he was going to say next. I see how Russia was also able to influence the media during the recent elections. The fact that these allegations have not been totally dismissed yet is quite …show more content…
Journalism has changed. The way that people can put out information has expanded greatly. Gone are the days of print media giving out information that is considered old news by the time it hits the newsstands. Electronic media has given journalism a whole new way to reach the people. Instantaneous information is the way of the new media. People are getting their news from their cell phones and tablets more and more and reading newspapers a whole lot less these days. That does not mean that we do not need good reporters. We are in desperate need of good reporters always. They just have new ways to go about distributing their information. If they keep up with modern technology then their professions will be safe. If they fall behind the times then their careers will become extinct just like the

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