Social Responsibility Of Multinational Companies Essay

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In developing countries there are more and more multinational companies which tried to develop their business, but this situation that would had influence to personal, local companies and living, even government, political or society environment (BBC). For granted the positive and negative of impact are simultaneously, the positive that the multinational companies improved the country economics and increased freedom on marketing. In contrast, there are negative effect to society such as a reducing of traditional crafts, competitive dropping of local companies and political effect of government (Farrell, 2003). In article which will show the social responsibility of multinational companies and the factors of influences to the developing countries, moreover that are including the solution of negative effect of the multinational companies.

Jobs created is one of the positive of multinational Corporations development in developing countries, companies which have enough money invested, the society of developing countries have great amount of workforce, they provide their necessary and resources to both side. There is a data show the multinational companies from America which created many jobs to different countries, they created 522,000 jobs in China, 251,000 jobs in India and around one hundred thousand jobs in Brazil and Mexico (Ensinger, 2010). FDI, it’s the one importance factors of economics impact of developing countries’ economics growth (Sakamoto and Chapman, 2012),…

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