Essay about Social Responsibility For The Environment

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Social responsibility in ethics is defined as, “an ethical theory, in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty and that the actions of the individual must benefit the whole of society.” The environmental spectrum is made up of four shades, bright green, light green, dark green, and gray. Each shade has a different viewpoint and some shades share a similar viewpoint. Many shades can be difficult to understand, but i know that one shade i understand clearly is light green.

If i were to assume responsibility for the environment, i would participate in the light shade of green group. The light green shade of environmentalism focuses on the private actions of individuals. Such actions include, choosing to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags or by lowering our consumption of water . This group believes that the small changes each person makes in their lives will encourage environmental responsibility and make the public more responsive to greater changes. My reason for choosing to participate in the light shade, is because i believe in saving the environment. As a business management major with a minor in animal science, i try to do everything i can to help create a better environment for all animals. As a citizen i believe that everybody has a moral responsibility to help the environment. We are responsible for creating the environmental problems society is facing, and we should have a moral obligation to change this. By choosing to live as…

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