Essay about Social Resistance Towards Changing Current Gender Norms

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Some scientists, anthropologists, and sociologists assert that one of the greatest inventions of the human race from the 20th century is birth control. It’s because birth control has increased women’s rights by giving females the opportunity to control one’s birth and opportunity to propagate feminism. As one can see, intellectuals are agreed that feminism is one of the greatest movements on earth. However, the future of feminism isn’t promising. Extremism is emerging and gaining power more than ever. People are not interested in feminism anymore and do not want to be associated with the word ‘feminism.’ In the novel ‘We should all be Feminist’ explains why there was social resistance towards changing current gender norms and how can the status quo be challenged. One of the biggest reasons why there is social resistance to changing current gender norm is because of the word feminism, a movement that promotes equality of all gender, became a negative symbol that no one wants to be a part of. Adichi, author of ‘We should All Be Feminist’, explains why people negatively view feminism even though feminism itself only promotes equality. Adichi asserts, “it shows that word feminism is so heavy with negative baggage: you hate men … you hate African culture … you think women should be in charge.” (Adichi 11) Feminism is one of the most innovative movements in the world. It has great influence in abolishing slavery and racism. However, feminism, in the 21st century, is a word…

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