Social Relations And Behavior Patterns Essay

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Childhood is something experienced by everyone globally, but not everyone has the same experiences. It is an area that cannot be looked at as a biological, universal stage of life so instead we need to look at meta analysis to gain an understanding in Childhood. In the UK the legal definition of a 'child ' is from 0-18 years so the term child is in danger of becoming meaningless as there is a big difference in children 's needs from birth compared to a child aged 17, when people think of a child they think of the noticable differences such as size and how children are biologically and psychologically more immature than adults, politically powerless and seen by many as more precious.
Childhood Studies is relatively new but it looks at different kinds of research to try to find the solution towards improving the quality of childhoods on a global scale, where Child Psychology is more interested in the how the childs mind works and behaviorism 's. Widely influenced in studies performed are Sociology which looks at social relations and behavior patterns, and Anthropology which looks at social and cultural differences in childhood.
Childhood studies show that childhoods are Socially Constructed which means that childhoods vary depending on factors such as when and where they happen and scientists try to conduct studies to understand different views on childhood which are based on different ideas on the nature of children, for example, there was a famous British saying that was…

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