Social Psycology 360 - Final Exam Essay

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Short Essay Questions

1. What are minimal groups? How does group membership lead to prejudice and discrimination?

The minimal group is a bond of commonality, positive or negative, where relationships, of even an arbitrary or inconsequential nature, within the group can influence attitudes and subsequent behaviors. Membership in such groups often produces the strongest forms of prejudice and discrimination. At a base level college rivalries serve as good examples of how groups can become biased toward the in-group (members) even when such behavior is overt and contrary to an individual’s normal standard for formulating judgments. The reasons for such memberships are primarily related to self-esteem. Our
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When we are franchised in our society we are engaged in actively upholding those things that promote our collective success, not because we are afraid of being caught doing the wrong thing, but rather because doing the right thing reinforces our values.

5. Summarize the recovered memory debate and research. Should we believe a person who comes forward with a recovered memory?

Recovery memory describes the recall of a memory previously not consciously expressed. This kind of memory is prevalent in cases of child sexual abuse. The accuracy of recovery memories has made it a much debated form of evidence. One camp holds the belief that repressed memories of extreme abuse are valid and with the help of psychologist can be accurately recalled. Others remain more skeptical, insisting that such claims require the utmost due diligence before conclusions are drawn. Even though the concept of memory suppression is widely accepted, the mechanisms for reporting and validating such memories are inexact at best. This makes the necessity for evidence to be sufficiently demonstrated paramount. When one considers the inexactitude of our memories under normal circumstances we have to lean towards the

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