Social Psychology Essay

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Author(s): Susan H. Gray
Review by: Susan H. Gray
Source: Teaching Sociology, Vol. 17, No. 3 (Jul., 1989), pp. 416-418
Published by: American Sociological Association
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For example, Ex-Sample asks what regression coefficient (r) is expected, what means and standarddeviations are to be compared, what regression coefficients are to be compared, and what proportionsare to be compared. If the user knew the answerto these questions,the studymight not be necessary. More difficult thanestimatingthe means and proportionsexpected is the request to estimate the mean difference when calculatingthe sample size for testing the difference between matchedpairs. Ex-Samplerequiresthe user to have made a significant review of the literaturebefore runningthe program. For the instructor,this may task if students are be an almost insurmountable allowed to choose their own topics.
Although Ex-Samplecomes with a manual, the manual does not discuss the questions asked in order to complete a file; nor does it explain the meaning of many of the terms or tell what informationwill be needed in order to complete a file and thereby obtain a solution. Such problems mean that the instructormust spend a fair amount of time developing file informationfor students, determiningwhat questions the programwill ask, and finally learning what terms will be called for and must be explained to the students.For reasons such as these I am certain that the use of this programwill requiresubstantialadditionalwork on the part of the instructor.
What, then, is the programgood for? It may be useful to master's or doctoral-level students working on researchproposals.

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