Social Psychology Vs. Cognitive Psychology Essay examples

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Cognitive and Social psychology are two branches of Psychology, analysing how human internal mental processes functions and the study of human interaction, feelings and relationships within groups and individuals in society. Both branches of psychology are helpful and relevant towards communication studies. Communication studies are an academic field that processes human communication, which explores the different ways humans, negotiate and create meaning. Communication topics range from mass media outlets to face-to-face conversation (, 2014). This essay explains how social and cognitive psychologies differ in their relevance towards communication studies and identifies which approach offers the most powerful insights.

Social psychology is the study of human relationships, and how humans behave. It is also the scientific study of how humans, thoughts, feelings and behaviours are influenced by the presence of others. Social psychology applies the ideas and information from cognitive psychology to society (, 2014).
Social Psychologists are mainly focused on what types of impact social environments such as culture have on a person’s attitude and behaviours.
Social psychology also discovered how people create judgements about each other and how they form an understanding of themselves. Social psychology also provided relevant information to communication studies on the areas of cognitive dissonance, conformity and the development of social…

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