Social Psychology, Psychopathology, And Psychology Essay example

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After going over Readings 25,28,30,35 and 36 their importance in social psychology, psychopathology, and psychotherapy are unbelievably important and relevant to the studies in each field. With most, if not all readings hinting at social psychology 25 and 28 both revolve around personality as Reading 30 addresses Freud’s daughter study over her father’s theories of egos while Readings 35 and 36 go over studies dealing with psychotherapy. Nonetheless, as Rotter goes over internal and external locus of control fate, he inevitably develops a test ultimately measuring a person’s locus of control. However, his work was far from being over. Only then, after creating the IE scale he began to measure people’s characteristics and could then study how it influenced their behavior. Despite that, the IE scale’s variations were not limited to one particular situation, but several; gambling, political activism, persuasion, smoking, achievement motivation, and conformity. Using his IE scale Rotter’s results conclusively sided with internal and external locus of control as a relatively stable aspect of human personality that has meaningful implications for predicting behavior across a wide variety of situations. However, with this in mind, his IE scale supports this view and we can relate nowadays with the results for example, I like to view myself as both, however, as stress and frustration set in due to unchangeable situations I shift toward eternal orientation blaming outside forces…

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