Social Psychology Of The Selfie Essay

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After reading into "Social Psychology of the Selfie" I summarized that a "selfie", is simply a self portrait of oneself. How a person decides to share a photo that they took and broadcast it on social media sites like (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) can somehow want to seek approval of other users. Social media can play a big part in a person 's self esteem and self confidence. It can either boost them or degrade it down. It can boost a person 's self esteem by another user commenting positive comments or liking their "selfie". It can degrade their self esteem if a another user was too comment negative comments about their photo that that person took. In taking "selfies" in my opinion, it takes a lot of confidence for a person to post it. A person could take a million pictures of their self but would only select a few to share online. The reason why is because they may see flaws in their pictures that may not be fit for them to post online, worrying that others may notice their flaws too. Posting on social media many people rely on others perceptions, judgments and approvals for their very own boosting of their self. In the article it stated "How we see ourself in a mirror is different than a regular photo". I totally agree to this, because when we look at our self in a mirror we see things we like and don 't like about ourselves. In a photo a person can simply edit the photo and change what they don 't like about their self and turn into a desirable look that fits best for…

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