Essay on Social Psychology : Future Change

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Future of Social Psychology Reflection This paper discusses how social psychology helps to understand future changes in society, new ideas of community, changes in workplace, and how mobile technologies changes society and its potential consequences.
Social Psychology: Understanding Future Changes Social psychology by definition is a scientific discipline that seeks to explore and understand social interactions of how individuals feel, think, relate, and influence each other (Schneider, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012) and with advances in technology, such as social media and its mobile devices, changes the how, why, and where of social interactions among individuals and between groups. Social psychology helps to understand future changes in society through research and studies that explore role of technology and human interaction in areas such as the workplace, education, community, healthcare, family, and social dynamics. For example, Schnittker and McLeod (2005) discuss the role of social psychology in healthcare as a "bridge between the individual and society, which reminds us knowledge, power, and resources influence health not only through their direct effects on the material conditions of life, but also as they derive symbolic importance in social interaction" (p. 77). Accordingly, Gehlbach (2010) discusses the past and future role of social psychology in education as social psychology can help to "understand, explain, and predict social behavior and has the…

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