Social Psychology And How It Is Influenced By Others Essay

2583 Words Apr 6th, 2015 11 Pages
If one has ever given great thought to why we act the way we do, or the reason why our attitudes change or develop a certain way, one will be thinking of social psychology. Social psychology studies many aspects and variables that impact situations. Social psychology and those that study social psychology are able to answer many questions as to why some people are better leaders than others and to why someone is better at a certain position rather than others. Social psychology is a form of studies that use scientific methods to figure out how we think, feel and the behavior of us as humans. What social psychology does is that it can fully understand human’s behavior in various social situations and environment. Specifically social psychology focuses on what influences human behavior and how it is influenced by others. However, social psychology is not just focused on how one is influenced or if the influence was natural, but also studying the different kinds of behavior. This would be such as conformity, nonverbal behavior, or even how some people develop aggression. Although it would be hard to see that social psychology is only focused on social influences, it is important to note that social psychology is not simply about studying the social influences of humans. Rather, social psychology is about social perceptions and interactions that is equally important to studying social behavior. Thus, in this essay the core principals of social psychology will be discussed in…

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