Social Psychological Risk Factor For Divorce Is Communication Hazards

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One of the social psychological risk factor for divorce is communication hazards. The biggest reason behind divorce is conflict between the couples and effective communication is necessary for solving conflicts. Jack and Jane had conflicts but they could not work through their problems because they weren’t able to communicate with each other. Jack doesn’t express his feelings when they argue. In one occasion Jane asked her husband to watch their kids while she spend time out and Jack didn’t like that but did not say much and Jane made negative comments. Jack chose to withdraw from the argument which made Jane even angrier. This is an example of “Female demand/male withdrawal pattern, the wife express a negative demand and the husband reacts with defensiveness, withdrawal, or passive inaction, which, in turn, escalates the wife’s demand and negativity” (Clarke & Brentano 46). “Negative start up” is when there is an argument, one of them react the conflict in way that worsens the conflict such as making negative comments, over criticizing. On one occasion Jane was complaining how she is working very hard taking care of their kids and house and Jake was not helping her. She started the conversation negatively that upset her husband and in return Jake made a belligerent comment on that issue and that made the conflict worsen. If one partner is negative (for example angry), the spouse is much more likely to be negative than he she usually woud be (Gotmen et al. 7)

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