Social-Psychological Principles of the Movie Unforgiven Essays

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Social-Psychological Principles of the Movie Unforgiven

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Most movies have different social-psychological principles, however most people are watching movies to be entertained, and not to psychologically analyze them. There are many different principles that would be applicable to the film we are discussing however, I have chosen to analyze three scenes discussing altruism, self-fulfilling prophecy, and counterfactual thinking. Please review the following scenes and analysis from the movie Unforgiven:
* The first scene is the opening scene when a man was upstairs in the saloon/brothel with a prostitute – Delilah, who did not want to have sex with the man she was in the room with. In turn, he
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He was the one that would kill any man, woman or child for any reason. But his wife had settled him down and cured him of that behavior.
Kid was convinced Munny was the guy to help him but Kid left the ranch without him. It wasn’t until Munny heard that yet another one of his pigs was sick and had to be put down, that he thought about the $500 share he would get for killing those two men that he reconsidered. Munny had convinced himself that he could shoot these two men and be done with it, without being the cold blooded killer that he used to be. Just walk up to them, shoot them, and go home back to his children and be a pig farmer. Munny and the Kid did kill those two men. Munny didn’t seem fazed at all, though the Kid was all shook up about it. Munny was done with his mission. He was ready to go home and be with his kids. When one of the prostitutes came to give them the money, she told Munny that Ned had been murdered. She told him Little Bill killed him. That was the turning point for Munny. He was suddenly pulled back into his past. Back to the man out for vengeance. The self-fulfilling prophecy was alive and Munny went back to town looking for Little Bill and got revenge for his friends murder.
* The last scene we are discussing is when Kid and Will come back from shooting the last man, the one who cut up the prostitute, Dahlia. Kid is sitting down under a tree,

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