The Progressive Era Essay

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The progressive period was a time in American history when people began to worry and act on the newly created social problems in the United States. The United States saw new technological and industrial advancements which unintentionally created these new problems. These new social problems included alcohol, labor laws, food and health regulations, and environmental issues. However, the social problem that saw the most change during this era was women’s rights. During this time, women began to get more education, they were professionally trained as nurses or social workers, and they even played a huge role in cleaning the state of some cities. Women also begin to show their power through the prohibition movement. Although the prohibition of …show more content…
She believes that both men and women have to take care of the baby equally. She does not agree with the idea of women being the only ones to stay home and care for a child. Sanger believes that both the husband and wife must be committed to their baby. Sanger wants women to have a child when they want to and are willing to commit to it. She also wants women to take their time in marrying. When women do this, they can begin to marry people that they will have a successful family with. Instead of marrying for money, or just because they feel the need to, women can begin to marry men that they truly love. By doing this, they will increase the likelihood of the marriage remaining intact. These couples will be able to have children that they are prepared for. Sanger then talks about birth control as an option. By doing this, women can still have an intimate relationship with they partner without the worries of having a child too early. This idea of family planning will allow women to make their own choices in their lives. Women will begin to learn that there are more options than what society has established for them already. Knowledge is power; and when women learn about this new way to go about their lives, they can become more independent. They can work and travel in their youth. They can decide who to have a family with, and when they want to do so. Sanger wants to empower women by giving them

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