Social Problem Of Body Image Essay

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Social Problem of Body Image Body image is a social problem because it affects our daily lives. Body image is a perception of how one sees how they should look like (Paquette and Raine). It affects our lives by causing people to have body dissatisfaction, dieting, eating disorders, and muscle-enhancing. Surveys show that many women, regardless of their age or weight, are dissatisfied with their bodies (Paquette, Raine 1). It is known from Psychology studies that women’s self and body images are lower than the men’s (Mitrofan 1). Meaning that woman are more prone to self images than how men are. Even so, that does not mean that men are not as affected as women are. Men are considering to be more concern with muscle-enhancing and women are to be more concern with body dissatisfaction which causes eating disorders (Eisenberg, Wall, Shim, Bruening, Loth, Sztainer 1). In “Sociocultural Context of Women’s Body Images,” it talks about the increasing rates of obesity and body dissatisfaction. Both Paquette and Raine, explained that both body dissatisfaction and excess weight can have a serious impact on a woman’s physical and emotional health. They suggest that to effectively understand the impact of women’s body images dissatisfaction, it requires an understanding of the contexts of a woman’s life. By doing so to prove their point, they used a naturalistic paradigm to show how a woman’s personal and sociocultural context can influences their body images. They use forty-four…

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