Essay about Social Problem And Definition Of Education

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Social Problem and Definition
Education has always been considered the key to success and has the ability to provide individuals with many different opportunities in life. Unfortunately, there are a number of children who do not receive the proper education necessary for the chance at succeeding. A proper education consists of the physical, mental, and emotional tools a child will need in order to prevail in school. Children who experience poverty not only receive an improper education, but also develop a gap in educational outcomes and achievements as well as income. Child poverty can be defined as a child living with a family that has an income below the federal poverty level, which is normally considered to be a family of four, two adults and two children under the age of 18, with an income of less than $23, 550 a year. (Child Poverty, 2014).
Prevalence of the Problem In 2011, there were nearly 46.2 million Americans living in poverty with 30 million being children. With so many individuals living in poverty, there is a higher possibility for children within these families to fail in earning at least a high school diploma. Therefore, 40% of Americans were considered to be children who start their education not even prepared for primary school. These children are already two years behind their intended grade level by the end of the 4th grade. By the time these children reach the 12th grade, they are four years behind their peers in their academic career. Resulting in…

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