Social Power And Controlled Corporate America Essay

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C. Wright Mills focused on social power and believed that only the military government and economy held the power and controlled corporate America. These three groups are consider the Power Elite because they control everything in America and only ever looking out for the best interest and to make sure they keep their power. “In order to have power, one must, as it were, be able to tap the power of something greater than oneself. The “something greater” consists of the collective power of an institute” (Cuzzort & King, 2002, p. 366). They are the wealthiest of the classes, they maintain control to the point only the people within these institutions that allowed to move up into higher hierarchy and only socialize with people of their kind. Another one of Mills theory was focused on the sociological imagination which, according to Machum and Clow “will allow us to overcome the range of dualism- micro and macro, individual and society, biography and history, self and world- with which we struggle” (p. 191). What this means is that we have to understand the causes of our social issues and this is being able to examine it from an individual level as well as how the problems affects us all on a larger scale the impact that the problem will have on society as a whole.
These institutions often take away the voices of the people, lower class, these living in poverty. Though people fought to keep these two together, their fights went unheard. The institutions are so far above these…

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