Essay on Social, Political, And Economical Issues

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In today’s daily news, we hear about the issues surrounding the world and the effects it has on society. However, to better understand the social, political, and economical issues that people encounter, we must analyze the concept of “Social Imagination” created by Wright Mills. This theory helps one enable a clear perspective between the differences of an individual problem and better focuses on how that issue affects society as a whole. Throughout the past century, health issues such as diabetes has become a controversial topic around the world. It has come to the attention of many that low income families are now turning to fast food options in order to be finically stable. Yet, most of those family members continue to work crucial hours for low minimum wage. With the massive impact technology has made in the past ten years, studies have shown that schools are depriving students from receiving a proper education with the need of smart pads and other new technologies, but why do schools continue to enforce it. Children are also showing a lack of social skills when it comes to informing either their parents or school authority about bullying situations occurring to them or others. All three issues target the idea that they are inherited by other factors such as money, class, and social life. These problems continue to expand and it is important that one understands how society affects everyone’s behaviors, thoughts and ideas in similar ways depending on one’s situation.…

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