Social, Political, And Economic Conditions Essay examples

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Social work research can be important in many ways. When conducted correctly, people are able to begin to understand various individuals, groups, causes and effects surrounding various social issues. Research is the beginning of breaking down walls, which brings about improvement in the lives of others. However, Engel & Schutt notes that, “social work research is important because the nature of our social world is the starting point for our profession, because much of what we do is in response to social, political, and economic conditions” (Engel & Schutt, 2010). So as seen, social work research directs us, and allows for us to provide the best treatment plans for our clients. If fact, social worker uses evidence-based practice, “which requires that the choice of an intervention should be based on the best current research evidence to achieve a particular outcome…” (Engel & Scott). In addition, social work research is important because it helps to minimize overgeneralization. Just because one may assume something to be correct regarding one situations, does not mean it’s the same for others. Rather than theorizing about what may be true or not, social work researchers go out into the field, conduct a study and conclude their findings. However, the results of each study have implications that can be valuable for various programs. According to Bowman, “by researching all the facts and figures, we are better equipped to fully understand the issue we are trying to solve…

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