Essay on Social Policy And The American Welfare State

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The first chapter of this book is simply an outline to help us understand both the social policy and the American welfare state. This chapter proceeds to do so by explaining the interactions between the various forces: economic, political, and ideologic. The author defines what social policy is and how it has been developed and shaped through the influence of various factors such as social problems, values, and ideologies. The common theme of these policies are to provide a redistribution of of resources from those who are better off and wealthy to those who are disadvantaged. Social policy also benefits the economic state of America and its welfare by aiding key industries which allow economic growth and relieving social injustices. This chapter introduces important theories and philosophies such as Keynesianism, free market economics, socialism, and communitarianism. It is then explained how these ideologies have affected social welfare and the important roles they play in the decisions and consequences on the both social policies and the state welfare of America.
Chapter three is an analysis on how religion, specifically Christianity, has influenced the development of the American social welfare policy. The author also examines the relationship between important historical events and religion, and also provides an insight on how changes in religious ideas have affected social welfare policies. This chapter begins with the nineteenth century, which was a period in time…

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