Social Policies On Same Sex Adoptions Essay

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Social Policies on Same Sex Adoptions
The social policy I would like to discuss is same sex adoptions; as this continues to be an ongoing controversy. In 2015, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder passed a law affecting same sex couples who wish to adopt children. This is the State of Michigan 98th Legislature Regular Session of 2015, Enrolled House Bill No. 4188 which amended 1973 PA 116, entitled:
An act to provide for the protection of children through the licensing and regulation of child care organizations; to provide for the establishment of standards of care for child care organizations; to prescribe powers and duties of certain departments of this state and adoption facilitators; to provide penalties; and to repeal acts and parts of acts, (MCL 722.11 to 722.128) by adding sections 14e and 14f. (Reps. LaFountaine et al., 2015, p. 59)
Under Enrolled House Bill No. 4188, policy mandates as necessary, that a child in Michigan is to be placed with an adoptive or foster family that is safe, loving and supportive is the paramount goal of the state of Michigan. Under the new law, private adoption agencies including faith-based child placing agencies have the right to exercise religion under both state and federal constitutions. Thus, the freedom to abstain from conduct that conflicts with an agency’s ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs. (Reps. LaFountaine et al., 2015, p. 59) Or in other words, private adoption agencies throughout Michigan are now allowed to deny a gay…

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