Social Organized Crime Perspective Essay

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Social Organized Crime Perspective
May 21, 2012
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Social Organized Crime Perspective
Organized crime is found in the United States of America today and the law enforcement agencies are trying to find a way to curb its existence. Even though there are illegal businesses associated with organized crime, they are mixed in with legal businesses to portray a legal front. It also can be called a social institution because it is led by a boss and follows a chain of command much like a pyramid. Empirical and speculative theories have been developed through the years in order for the law enforcement agencies to better understand organized crime and how to deal with it. This paper will examine a social institution as it applies to
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An example of this is the Sicilian Mafia when they brought the criminal culture here and established it in their communities. The social control theory believes that the community where one lives, the family, and society either encourages or discourages people to commit illegal actions. Mallory (2007) states, "Fear of punishment, shame or embarrassment, and psychological restraints such as conscience (described as the "super ego" by Freudian Theory) are a few reasons why not everyone who has the opportunity will engage in criminal activity." This could be the closest connection to organized crime as the members of the organization have strong relationships among family members, and they have the same beliefs and desires about society and committing criminal actions.
Organized crime started out as a little illegal business and has grown into a major illegal business or social institution. As families grow so does the illegal criminal activity. The pyramid keeps getting bigger and is expanding more every year as an organized structure with direction from the top. After 911 it is obvious that organized crime has spread throughout the world (FBI, 2012). Looking at organized crime as a social institution and the theories that can be applied to organized crime, a clearer

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