Social Norms In Society

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Not only are social norms important to a society, but they can also have consequences. Judith Butler, in her essay entitled “Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy” from Undoing Gender, explains, “Nothing can exist as an element of knowledge if, on one hand, it… does not conform to a set of rules…” (27) If one violates the social norms set forth by their society, they often experience negative consequences. If something is not within the norms of society, than it should not be done. When one does something out of the ordinary, which does not follow the social norms, then they stick out and are extremely noticeable. People are punished if they do not follow social norms. They are not necessarily physically punished, but they can be …show more content…
When one has rules, like social norms, they are expected to follow, they seem to live a life which does not correctly portray their true selves. They are focused on living up to the social norms, therefore they do many things they probably wouldn’t do if they weren’t expected to. In many instances, people are pressured into doing things that they most likely would not do if there weren’t norms urging them forward. For example, one may wear a certain type of clothing because they are expected to do so. The clothing may be something that is completely opposite of what they would like to wear. But, because it is the norm for them to wear it, they wear it. The clothing a person wears is one out of millions of instances that exemplify people doing things solely because they are expected to. Where one works, what kind of a car one drives, where one lives, who one surrounds themselves with, what church one attends, what school one attends, what one does for entertainment, and one’s home environment are all decisions people make depending on social norms and those around them. Also, the social norms and environment around a person defines and creates their attitude. If they are surrounded by norms that make them look and feel good, than more than likely they will feel good about themselves. But, if they are surrounded by people and norms that do not lift their spirits, their attitude will probably be negative. They will not feel too highly of themselves. They will most likely looking at those around them and comparing themselves to those people. They’ll focus on the good in others, but they will focus on their own flaws. Therefore, they will not have a positive attitude towards themselves or others because they will become jealous of what others’ have and what they don’t have. Because they want to fit in and be liked by those around them, people often abide

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