Social Norms And Its Effect On Human Behavior Essay

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tatistically, common behaviour is defined as 'normal ' which results in statistically rare behaviour being defined as 'abnormal '. There has been difficulty in coming to an agreement on just how statistically rare behaviour has to be in order for it to be classed as abnormal. At some point in our lives, we will all demonstrate some form of abnormal behaviour. Many mental disorders such as phobias are not statistically rare enough to be defined as abnormal. An example of how difficult it is to define abnormality is that both mental retardation and genius are both statistically rare however only mental retardation is classed as abnormal. There may also be certain cultures who behave a particular way, who deem their behaviour normal but when placed in general society their behaviour could be deemed as abnormal (Hill, 2009).

Deviation from social norms is also a difficult way to defining abnormal behaviour. Norms are a way we are expected to behave when a person is not behaving in a way which would be expected according to the majority of society they would be deemed as abnormal. To get that conclusion the following fact was considered: abnormal behaviour can leave a bystander feeling very uncomfortable because it is different from the behaviour of others (Hill, 2009). A common problem when using this method is there is no agreement over social norms. They can vary considerably, from different ethnic backgrounds or from one generation to the next. Social norms can change over…

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