Social Norm Experiment

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In society we follow Norms which are rules that people of a society follow. Norms can change depending on different cultures , or what part of the world you live in. There are numbers of norms that we follow, some norms we tend to pick up on, so Norms we don’t. I have chosen a very specific norm to and break it and see how people around me will react. The norm I broke was facing the right was when on an elevator.

The reason why I choose this Norm was that I felt it was one that can be easily be broken, and I will get the interested and enetrain reactions from the people who was on the elevator. I heard a lot about the norm being broken multiple times, and I for one wanted to do my experiment. I also read a few of the experiemtn that I found
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In as sense reason why one can be diagonise with a mental illness has a lot to due with a an bronaml behavior, that can be predemmed to be abnormal, because breaks a social norm. An example is the volume of one voice and how one controls what he/she says is a big social norm, where as a kid you are taught at a young age to control your volumr when speaking and not to yell or scream, to use “inside voice”. So if one experience an individual in his/her 30’s and that person all of a sudden starts to scream then one will come to a conclusion that this person is suffering grom a mental illness. Culture has an interesting influcnece in a social norm, to an extent that social norms are not always universal across the world to an extent. A good example is in my cuclutre if one meets a person who you can say is friends or the same age as you rparents, it is a must not a choice to call them by uncle or aunty. This is something that you don’t see in the American culture at all. If you think about you won’t call someone you are not familiar with att all, an absolute stranger you wouldm’t call him uncle, or aunty. In a way that can be very alaraming and can be considered as abnormal behavior. In my culture it is something that you already know that you just have to do. To be honest I have also found difficulty with that just a bit, as a grew and became an adult. I really didn’t feel confrontable with some that I didn’t know. But that just how that society

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