Essay about Social Networks - Negative Impact

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Social Networks - Negative Impact Likes and dislikes are natural responses to the opinions of human beings according to the things that they are observing at the time and personal preferences. Problems occur when these personal preferences move from the realm of opinion into the realm of facts. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of social networks to discover their potential negative effects on the users and society. The primary focus of this paper being Facebook, one of the biggest names in the industry.
Opinion Summary
Photographs are a way to memorialize an event that was meaningful, stupid, or sometimes dangerous. People usually share their most cherished photographs with close friends, family, and
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This would be another reason why reconsideration is necessary before taking a photo from Facebook as face value evidence for the courts.
Rice et. al.
Facebook, the Internet, and smart phones are the breeding ground for another problem cyber-bullying. The very definition of a bully is someone who causes mental, physical, or emotional disturbances in another individual over prolonged periods of time. These individuals can be children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and the elderly. Before the widespread use of technology bullies were those groups of individuals that others saw coming and go out of the way. If you were a smart kid you were always picked on or if you were just different from the status quo?
A study completed by Rice, Etering, Rhoades, Winetrobe, Goldbach, Plant, Montoya, & Kordic (2015) revealed that cyber-bullies are isolated and detached from society and their peers because their Internet usage is higher than their peers. This could almost be connected with neglect by the parents or caregivers. The findings also pointed out high-risk population such as LGBT youths who were harassed 4.6 more times than their peers (Rice et. al., 2015).
The information became more disturbing because almost every middle-schooler had a smartphone and texted approximately 50 times or more during the day (Rice et. al., 2015). The constant abuse from cyber-bully is to be taken seriously, and counseling services should be available to the students at their

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