Social Networking Sites And Its Impact On The Social Media Essay

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The Internet, along with the various advancements in technology that have paralleled with its growth, assimilated into the lives of people around the world as each user found their own uses and gratifications for it. Social networking sites have provided Internet users with a space to demonstrate their identities through the showcase of their talents, interests, and opinions. One of the social media sites, Instagram, fosters a space where both fashion vanguards and fashion enthusiasts utilize the visual platform for very different purposes that are meaningful and make an impact dependent upon the role they play on the social networking site. For fashion vanguards, they emphasizes their role as influencers on Instagram by generating a following and leading these networked communities built on the premise of offering more effective and personal ways to market and advertise new products, provide fashion consulting, and relay relevant information in the industry. For fashion enthusiasts, Instagram provides a space to explore and actively engage with their interests by following influencers and interacting with them.
First and foremost, the role of Instagram for the vanguards of fashion has evolved from a simple sharing tool to a more personalized and effective marketing and advertising tool. One of my interviewees, a Marketing Director at a clothing brand, offered substantial insight of the role of Instagram not only in his life, but in his career as well. Will pointed out…

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