Social Networking Service Is Huge Part Of Our Life Nowadays Essay

811 Words Oct 12th, 2015 4 Pages
Social networking service is huge part of our life nowadays. Not only private way but also in school, we use tumblr as a submission for assignment. I always see the people checking their social networking service while on the Muni or Bart station and it also applies for me. For most times of my days, I see myself doing Social network services such as Facebook or Instagram. I has been using them for many years in order to get inspirations for my works or to reach out to my friends whom are far apart. Time spending is also much easier when I play around with my social networking services. Most of my friends are using Facebook because it is more in “diary” conception. Long sentences about daily life or whole bunch of pictures are usually shown in Facebook. But I am more into Instagram for how it is so simple and most importantly, the picture in Instagram can bring up more sensation with multiple hashtags which could describe my life or feelings without writing out long sentences like Facebook.
I trusted that everything about the person shows through the Social networking service especially in Instagram. With simple picture and tags such as “#happy” or “#Lake Tahoe”, I could already guess where one has been or what one felt about his day. This concept of idea went all along until I saw something.
It was just a same day like yesterday. I opened up my eyes hearing multiple alarm clocks that I set and just as usual, I logged into Instagram first and Facebook too. While I was…

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