Social Networking : Positive Or Negative? Essay

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Social Networking. Positive or Negative?
In 2014, over 2.8 billion people around the world signed on to the computer or a phone and used a website. While in 2000, only around 400,000 people signed on and used a website. The first social network ever made, “”, let people make personal profiles and keep a list of their friends. The internet has hundreds and hundreds of social networking websites that kids and adults use on a daily basis. Social Networking takes a huge part in the life of everyday Americans and other people around the world, and has many uses including, making new friends, getting news instantly, and promoting a product or business.
Sasha Pasulka said, “I strongly disagree that social media represents the dumbing down of America. It’s the’s a way for us to become more informed, more connected and overall less ignorant.” Many people think that social networks are making our society dumb or lazy. This comment does not involve any truth. There are many proven facts that the internet has helped many people in becoming more smart and more productive. People who think that social networks make our society dumb are people who do not know enough about these social networks to realize that they are a huge help to many teens and young adults and quite honestly, a huge help to society as a whole. There is an extravagant amount of children in school that have trouble making friends and finding people to talk to. “Six out of ten teens said that…

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