Social Networking Good or Bad? Essay

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Ranjit Singh Lidhar
Progessor Swellander
English 1023
5 February 2012
Social Networking: Good or bad? In a recent poll of 1,200 registered voters on Poll Position regarding their view on social media, 53% voted harmful. (McNamara 1) Today’s world has incredibly evolved around technology, especially with the emergence of social networking. Through the sudden rise in social networking, the question that has been called recently in concern is whether social media/networking is bad or good? The Bad: the increase in online predators over the last few years for which social networking sites can blame for, due to a more susceptible source for kids to get in contact with the predators. The Good: Social media sites have also created great
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(Conger 1). The evolution that social networking has become almost as important to ones self as having a cell phone number, but an integration of social contact and entertainment in one. Social media has also created the opportunity for other businesses and companies to flourish in the new technologically advanced world. The ability to create a network of contacts and opportunities for success in a visual and almost concrete way is remarkable. Social networking sites create great upside for people to advertise and market at an instantaneous rate and at their own pace. Today almost every company or business has a Facebook or Twitter to constantly be informing customers and potential consumers on their product or services. Through all the upside that is glorified through social media, there are some awful numbers to look at. The nation's hotline for reporting sexual exploitation of children, received 223,374 reports in 2010, nearly double the 2009 number. The rapid increase of usage of social media has created “more opportunities for potential offenders to engage with children.” (Acohido 1) In 2006, the FBI says arrests of Internet predators more than tripled from 2001, to 1,649. (Hylton 1) This time frame was the rise of the social network Myspace (which has in recent years had a bit of a

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