Social Networking Effects On Society Essay

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Social Networking Effects Civilization
Social networking is a tool used by millions of people around the world daily. With the advancements in technology, the impact of social networking on society is greater than it has ever been before. It plays a major role in today’s culture where many people find themselves incapable of living without. Teenagers in our community are profoundly affected by this impact with "92% of teens in the United States report going online daily"(Lenhart). The way they communicate with one another is significantly different from how people communicated over a decade ago. Instead of face to face conversations, the innovative way of interacting among teenagers today is through social networking. Teenagers are available to express themselves as much as they please. Not only does this allow teenagers to meet and interact with new people, but it gains them confidence by posting images capturing their true personalities. This is shown on social media as well as voicing their opinions on the internet through blogs or videos. Through the use of social networking, teenagers are open to a wide range of information. Not only does this tool provide easy access to information, but it helps make the lives of teenagers stress free. Social networking has several negative effects, but the abundant amount of benefits outweighs and creates a positive impact on teenagers in our culture.
The development of social networking started in the 1970 's with computers…

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