Essay Social Networking And Its Impact On Society

1179 Words May 29th, 2015 5 Pages
By social networking the whole body of media influencing reaching large numbers of public, the major ones being newspapers, television and the World Wide Web also now as internet. The main purposes of social networking are to interact with people for information, entertainment and just to get to know everyone you meet. Things more efficient, but it has also become a large impact on everybody life. Without even knowing it, people use technology several times a day. Technology has actually become a necessity to millions of people around the world. However, a closer look at the impact of some of these advancements may cause one to question whether or not it is actually needed. One of these advancements man has created is social networking. Social networking has grown throughout the years, and eventually, in 2004, Facebook was created. Facebook is a technological advancement that is harmful to the physical, social, educational, and emotional health of teenagers in our society today. Always attached to the computer, teenagers’ physical health is heavy affected by Facebook. Spending several hours on the computer can take away from physical activity. As Facebook says, Facebook Should not is an everyday thing. People should make time to get up and active. The computer can lead to unconsciously eating snacks and junk food. Low physical activity and unhealthy food can lead to obesity. Not only does Facebook cause obesity, but it also can decrease social skills.…

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