Essay about Social Networking : A Good Thing?

1022 Words Jul 13th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society it is rare to come across someone who is not on at least one social networking site, whether it be on the most popular Facebook site, or on one of the other billion online networking sites. Each of these sites gives a vast amount off options of what to post, from a simple status update that might till the users friends what he/she are doing, or feeling, to what movie, music, restaurants, and events they might like. With each day social networks become more and more popular. Many use it as an outlet to express their frustrations, others to overcome social anxiety, and some use it purely as a way to make with friends. However, is such popularity a good thing? While the immediate result of social networks may seem good, their lasting outcome will have a negative impact.
While most people may start off using social networking sites to politely express their views, things can very quickly get out of hand. What often begins as a quite discussion can expand into an all out fight. It would seem that social networking could be used as a source to have intelligent discussions on wider playing field. “After all, people can also be wise, considerate, challenging and eminently reasonable, and they too can reach a wider audience than ever before” (Stafford). However, sadly, most chat rooms become a verbal stomping ground, with adults reducing their behavior to childish antics. “Mostly, comment forums remind me of children 's playgrounds, where the bullies always…

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