Essay on Social Movements And The Social Movement

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“The one thing that doesn 't abide by majority rule is a person 's conscience.” (Lee, 1960), Social movements are a large part of how our society shifts to new norms. Social movements are causing a cultural change in our society based on a social ill that has been deemed necessary to be fixed. The types of social movements can go from one end of the spectrum to another, One could have riots and violence, and the other could have speeches and a passive nature. They are all capable of being able to go through the four stages of a social movement, emergence, coalescence, bureaucratization, and decline. One of the main four types of the social movements is alternative social movements. Alternative social movements are looking at a selective part of the population, and the amount of change is limited due to this. The qualifications for this type of social movement is quite simple, they need to be directed at the individual, not at a group.
Alternative social movements can, however, be very effective. For example, Don’t Text and Drive and Planned Parenthood are two different types of effective alternative social movements. Don’t Text and Drive for the most part uses shock value to create this negative connotation around the idea of texting and driving to the individual. Planned Parenthood uses a gentler approach in comparison. This movement tries to educate the teenagers about the dangers of sexual interaction and how to be proactive before that individual becomes pregnant.or…

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