Social Model Of Health Essay

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The term health is ambiguous and can be answered in many ways depending on who gives the definition as it is viewed in many different perspectives. Due to the ambiguity of the Meaning of health the definition is then seen as problematic as each definition can vary from a professional’s point of view or from the popular point of view which then contradicts and clashes with each other.

In 1946 the Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) was drafted to address social reasons for wellbeing issues and also the biomedical reasons. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 1947, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity; this can be taken from a professional
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A person’s sense of positive feeling about their life situation and their personal health, both physical and mental. You can have a physical illness, injury or mental health problem or illness and still have a sense of wellbeing (Scottish Executive, 2002)’ The Social Model is the model of health which is given from a lay perspective; the concept of the Social model of health is that being healthy is absence of illness. This model of health looks in to the social and emotional factors as to what caused the illness and how to prevent it. The overall understanding of this is that all illness is affected by social and economic factors which need to be acknowledged. The social factors which needs to be considered are a person’s environment, education, political system and of course financial …show more content…
The prepared specialist will have a manifestation of contract, no with people, but with the illnesses ha us these individuals as media. (Neve 1995:479) this statement by Neve shows that Social model and biomedical model work in conjunction with each other to a certain extent comparing to earlier studies of health. If we was to observe the attitude towards health from the 1950’s and Now you would see that Doctors question the patient more to try and get a better and accurate diagnosis. For example in the story of Henrietta Lacks based in 1951, doctors did not give Henrietta the proper care she needed to nurse her back into good health but what they did was cause premature death and used her cells to conduct research to benefit theories for health care professional to cure Diseases for others whereas now doctors primarily enforce the biomedical knowledge in their practice but also take in consideration the patients age,gender etc which covers the aspects of the social

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