Social Media's Influence On Our Daily Life

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Social media has become an essential part of a modern lifestyle. Social media is where people go to learn from each other as well as being able to connect with friends and family, but most importantly to communicate with one another. As part of our First Amendment right here in the United States social media sites such as Facebook is a valuable outlet for free expression. Some countries such as Cuba does not permit that right and can be a cause of prosecution or arrest.
As a huge part of our daily life, social media has a lot of influence on the world today. According to The First Amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or
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Social media sites provide ways to stay connected with distant family and friends and see what is going on with their daily lives. It is a place to learn about others, view pictures of loved ones, share motivational quotes and stay on top of current news events. Some may argue that Facebook is not a good place to display our lives and state our deepest feelings. The year 2010 saw 400 million active Facebook users; by 2012, the number had more than doubled to 845 million users. (Kavanugh et al. 2012). As is often the case with technology adoption, user rates are greater among younger people: 73% of teenagers engage in social networking (neiger et al. 2012), but adult user rates are not much less, at 65% (Aqunio, 2012). Social media is a place where freedom of speech and expression can be read. Facebook posts with exception to high profanity, can be anything you want to post about. Even if profanity is posted, there is not any real crime committed and no arrest will be made for posting a picture with nudity. Facebook does not have a no posting subject policy, although if u do not agree with a shared site or the values it relates to it can be un-liked and removed from your page. Anyone can vent online which can be therapeutic and help release built up stress just by posting a line about a bad day. This provides a free outlet for anyone who does agree with the related values, to continue to read and comment on …show more content…
Sometimes we take for granted the freedom of expression and speech that we have the ability to express ourselves through the many forms of social media. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects our rights to freedom of speech and expression to the fullest extent. In some countries, such as Cuba, the citizen’s do not have the same opportunities as we Americans have like being able to express our thoughts and concerns on Facebook. Internet freedom, especially through social media sites such as Facebook is very limited in communist countries like Cuba. Social media is a great way to share opinions, political views and personal thoughts. Motivational posts help to inspire people to reach individual goals or to seek encouragement. Social media is the ultimate arena in which you learn, communicate and express yourself. It is how we connect and share our views and values with friends, family and coworkers. Social media is the future that unites the world and coerces communication and it is because we have that right here in America to express those views freely and without prosecution or

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