Essay on Social Media

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Effect of Social Media on Students
Social media has evolved tremendously over the years. It has become nearly a necessity to people around the world. Why take away the social media if it helps us out so much and has made things more accessible? The truth is that social media has become almost as addictive as a drug and a use for chatting and doing things that are not important, when instead people could be out doing important things and building relationships. Social media distorts our views on society and the real world, affecting the way that people communicate and has made us more dependent on a screen than face-to-face. Social media is destroying the social skills of high school and college students for the following reasons
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While being on social media many things could happen. Social media gives way for people to communicate without having to deal with another person’s emotions. Cyber bullying is a part of this type of communication. If someone over the internet does not like someone for whatever reason or a fight breaks out, then getting on the internet and typing ones feelings and emotions out can damage a person for life. Cyber bullying can lead a person to believe that they are someone that someone else might describe them to be. Many people take words to heart and end up taking them personally. This type of bullying can lead to major damage in the social skills of students because they tend to keep to themselves. In the long hall, social media can mess someone up physically, emotionally, and mentally.
The last reason that social media has a bad effect on the social skills of young adults is that it can cause danger. Students tend to be eager to have many groups of friends and will go at lengths to get them. Meeting people online rather than in person can cause a dangerous environment for not only students but adults too. Many people have experienced trouble when meeting unknown strangers. This can cause a student to lack the right social skills because they could have been hurt in some way and end up hiding their feelings because they might be afraid to let anyone know of their actions. Social media can also lead up to

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