Social Media Essay

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Topic 2: How do you think Social Media are shaping demand for Events and the Event Experience? Use examples to illustrate your argument.

Social media can be clearly defined by breaking down these two words. Media is an instrument of communications towards the world, for example, newspapers, magazines, radios and televisions. Social would be the interaction between one human being to another. Therefore if we put them together, social media would means an interaction between one to another through an instrument of communication. Social media is the main source of communications and information exchanges nowadays. Social Media is everywhere, billions of users have been using applications such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, and this
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Live sports telecast is one of the online elements that totally kills the demands of attending a sports event. Through online streaming, people feel that it is not necessary to attend a sports events as online stream is also in real time. Nowadays what people seek for in life is not fully about experiences, people are looking into a more convenient way to experience life, and this online sports streaming is exactly suiting the people’s needs, by that it kills the demands of the attending the event.

Social Media Shaping Events Experiences

An event experience is a take away from an event that is unique to each individual. No one will ever experience the same thing another does when it comes to talking about experiences. But through different social applications, Instagram, Facebook and twitter. People post about their personal experiences through a short write-up, pictures or videos. Through this media, others are look through the eyes of another and try to imagine the things one could experience via pictures and videos. The more favourable the image of the destination, the greater the likelihood of being selected as a destination choice (Rewtrakunphaiboon, W. 2008). Therefore, through social media, readers tends to expect more of an events through what they see online. But the fact that only the good stuffs will be posted

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