Essay about Social Media

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Social Networks and their impact on Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity

Musa Ramadhani
Davenport University
IAAS 667 - Legal and Ethical Security Topics
Deanne Cranford-Wesley

Table of Contents
Problem Statement7
Literature Review8
Military Families12
Identifying your social media users16
Common myths about Social Media17
Data leakage and non-disclosure17
Social Media Squatting18
A new generation of hackers18
The high cost of inaction19
Harm to brand reputation19
Lost productivity19
Strains on bandwidth20
Implementing effective Practices20
Recommendations 21
Creating an Account21
General Recommendations22

Social networking sites
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Lives have been stolen and relationships have been ruined since the rise of social networking’s popularity.
The issues being brought to the courts involving social networking didn’t exist recently in the past. Now that individual privacy has become more of a luxury than an assurance, the legal department is forced to determine methods to mitigate the risks involved with unwanted access and viewing of an individual’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII is an utmost concern in today’s world consisting of information that could potentially identify a person, such as their name, email address, street address, and other private contact information. It is crucial that a user’s information is private entirely protected through updated litigation. In the problem statement and legislation section you will notice trends of non-updated information within cases acts such as the ECPA of 1986. Without updated litigation in a world of growing technological concerns and hazards, court decisions are inconsistent and regularly misinterpreted through legislative systems around the world.
The advantages of social networking are impeccable to almost all other forms of communication, but the associated disadvantages and lack of interpersonal connection seems to almost outweigh the benefits of this service. Social networking users are motivated through the social aspects of the service, which amplifies a person's

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