Essay on Social Media: the New Opium of People

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Bahar Arapkirli

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Thanks to the conceptual compositions of two different, Marxist explanation of class struggles and Freudian perspective on authoritative behavior, the critical approach on media and communication have been a growing aspect of our daily life since the second war era in which rulers used the mass propaganda by using media as an ideological state apparatus especially on increasing power of Hitler’s Germany.
Today, we live in a world in which this critical approach is the very canon of decreasing the exploitation of ruler class who spend huge amount of money only for media and communication. (Peter and Simmonson 2004)

From the perspective of working class,
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Firstly, for the sake of the moonlight, I’m going to discuss the fundamental effects of social media not only on authoritarian neo-liberal governments but also on people from them on the context of their understanding of mass media and its trustworthiness. Then I’m going to explain how Turkish ruler class -which can be understood as mass media-adapted into this new era of media criticism in which masses are rapidly urged by the use of social media after Gezi protests. (Nilgün
2015)And finally, I’m going to state my argument and explain how this successful adaptation worked on protecting their position of ruling people even more than before by their new kind of hegemony of social media as the new opium of people.
By the inventions of alternative ways for acquiring information, social media and much easier ways of connecting the world wide network, people all around the world experienced a crucial shift from being oppressed by mass media to being a game-changer on decisions which effects their values, lifestyles and economic prosperities. When I say game changer, I mean it because by the means of social media, Egyptian people accelerated the ending of the 30 years of Mubarrak dictatorship by not only communicating in order to organize and get together for protest in Tahrir but also reset the narrative of events and change it from “terrorism and looting” to “revolution and uprising” by speaking up their voices on social media in order to warn

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