Essay Social Media 's Positive Effect On People 's Happiness

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Social Media is the collective of all online communication which it allows to connect and share information. For instance, Facebook, twitter, and google are some of the social media networks that became popular in most countries over the decades. The use of the social media seems not to be the source of happiness among people’s lives. Individuals are mostly like to avoid to use social media because they belief that it had negative effects such as, cyberbullying and misinformation. Nevertheless, social media is the main key of the contentment. Social media has a positive effect on people’s happiness because it is the root of the establishment of many business and communication. Social media promote an environment of happiness. The secret of happiness is being successful, especially in business by using social media. Social media allows people to be prosperous in their business which it creates happiness in their lives. Growing a business success often take the priority of making people happy every day. Different companies and industries rely on social media in different ways. Using social media helps individuals to improve their business and increase profitability. Moreover, they use social media to attract clients because it is the key to a successful social media marketing campaign. For instance, my mother is a business woman who travels to different parts of the world. She started her business for decades without being very successful. At the time when my brother…

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