Essay on Social Media 's Influence On Young People

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Social media only sells the most exciting parts of love. These are shown by the in-the-moment pictures of always smiling and doing cute activities together. These pictures that are posted on social media are never plain jane, boring, or usual photos. They are all “goals” pictures displaying the perfect relationship. An example of this would be the countless amount of pictures on the popular social media pages that catch couples in the most affection poses and states of being. The pictures also portray what girls expect their dream guy to be.
However, one could argue that relationships in reality are similar because of the influence and encouragement the pictures on social media have. Social media has a large influence on young people. An article states, “...adolescents learn both by direct experience and by observation...The Media practice model states that adolescents choose and interact with media based on who they are, or who they want to be, in that moment” (“Influence of Social” 1). This proves to be true when the article later describes a situations with drinking. The article reads:
Exposure to alcohol or tobacco in traditional media has been associated with adolescent substance use. Social media can combine traditional media exposure to alcohol-related content with peer interactivity resulting in a potentially even more powerful influence on drinking behavior. For example, adolescents’ social media ties within and across networks provide many potential paths of…

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