Essay on Social Media 's Impact On The World Of Today

1456 Words May 8th, 2015 null Page
With technology taking over the world of today, it is no longer unusual for worldwide news stories to be broken through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter rather than being circulated by traditional medias like Associated Press and Reuters etc (Aeur 2011). The evolution of social media have widely changed the way that people interacts. This new form of communication is considered as most dynamic and powerful communication channel till date as it has the potential to spread message to every nook and corner of the world almost instantaneously. Because of its global and real-time nature, the use of social media for crisis communication has always been increasing which can be proved by some of the major crisis situation like Japan Tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Nepal earthquake etc.

Schultz et al (2011) describes that social media plays a vital role in forming and shaping the mindset of general people towards the crisis. People trust social media more than traditional media during the time of crisis. These are the times when passive users of social medias also get flowed into media websites as they think they can get timelier and reliable information directly from place of crisis or ground zero. Unlike in the traditional media, the information on the social media are not checked or controlled by editor. As most of the people have access and has got freedom to share their voice in social media, some irresponsible people could be engaged in manipulating the information…

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