Essay on Social Media 's Impact On Society

1005 Words Nov 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Ever believe the internet is taking over people’s lives? According to the United Nations agency there are over three billion people on the internet. But how many of those people on the internet become sucked into it? There’s an estimate of seventy-eight percent of people that have social media. People who have a social media account can occasionally get their life caught up in social media. Social media can become so addicting and there’s pros and cons of social media. Social media was created for one general purpose, and that is to connect with friends and family. Social media has become more than just a way to interact with each other, it’s become a part of peoples everyday lives. To certain people their social media account builds their self-esteem and their life depend on what they achieve on social media. These people that create their social media part of their everyday lives face negative effects. Even though social media has impacted the world in an enormous way, it also has greatly affected people’s life negatively. Social media population is growing larger each day, and generally these users are teens. Teens are young and often are trying to figure who they are themselves and want everyone to like them. Several teens social media accounts are part of their lives, they express their self and want to be liked based on who they are on social media. Being liked is extremely important to these teens and the more they’re liked they become internet famous. Becoming…

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