Social Media 's Exponential Spread Of False Information Essay

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Social Media’s Exponential Spread in False Information It is 2016, our ever advancing society could not be more influenced by the grasp of social media. A Twitter post can travel the internet and be seen by millions within minutes, the sharing of content on the internet is easier than ever and the internet is more powerful than ever. But with power, comes consequences. In an article from The Huffington Post, “The influence of social media on adolescents and teenagers is of particular importance” (Ramasubbu), the author notably describes the influence of social media. Although information is easily shared, some information could be very misleading thus leading people to become misinformed. Thus, social media’s grasp on society has cause an epidemic in the spread of misleading or false information on the internet. Social media, a vast and if not unlimited sum of information and content easily accessible by anyone who owns a smartphone or internet capable device. Social media undoubtedly is an example of human technological advancement, it is a free-for-all of information and content that is easily and posted with a simple push of a button. The content is unfiltered and sometimes a raw opinion of an individual, and that is the danger of the content on social media, it could prove to be misleading and false information. Consequently, social media, although a convenience to some, can be a plague to others.
Furthermore, from a global view, according to a study made by Statista,…

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